IGF.fund a tokenized index investment fund that works only with cryptocurrencies. Fund works only with cryptocurrencies. Since the invention of cryptocurrency in 2009, their exponential growth has been observed, the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market at the moment is over 300 billion US dollars. Despite significant strengthening, there is still room for significant growth. Currently, there is a choice of thousands of cryptocurrencies, and every day new cryptoprokects are announced. Choice paralyzes: it increases costs, complexity, and requires consultation.

IGF.funds goal is to create transparent and accessible investment instrument. IGF Token is fully backed by flexible portfolio, in which there are both top and most stable cryptocurrencies of the market, as well as investments in ICO and start-ups that can show significant growth in the future. To show maximum results, the fund's asset portfolio is regularly updated.

The IGF token is the share of each investor in the fund, implemented through a tokenization mechanism. In essence, each token is a share of a fund participant. The change of Fund’s capitalization is displayed by market price of IGF token on open market (cryptoexchanges).

How to buy: New tokens can be added by direct buy for Ethereum, which is immediately added to fund’s assets. Existing tokens can be bought on cryptoexchange.

How to sell: Tokens can be sold only on cryptoexchange. Fund’s administration provides token buyout if market price of token goes below internal capitalization ratio.


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IGF Token

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Statistic & fund

27/11/2016 Start project
>27/11/2016 Start project
330 Total investors
$ 0 Сapitalization of the fund
459,35% Fund income
for 2017 year
$ 0 Сapitalization of the fund
459,35% Fund income
for 2017 year
330 Total investors
459,35% Fund income
for 2017 year

Fund portfolio:

Funds portfolio is updated on daily basis. Total capitalization and its historical change is available for all Investors in personal cabinet.

The structure of the distribution of Fund profits:

  • oval

    60% - funds to support token price;

  • oval

    10% - reinvestment;

  • oval

    10% - stabilization fund;

  • oval

    10% - bonus program payments;

  • oval

    10% - remuneration of the Fund team and administrative expenses.


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    Token as an Index: IGF Token includes an extensive portfolio of top cryptocurrencies. This means that investments in Token are followed by minimal risks, because Token is a portfolio index of top and prospective cryptocurrencies.

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    Re-sellable: Tokens are immediately re-sellable.

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    100% backed by top-rate cryptoassets: The cost of Token is 100% secured by the portfolio of the most reliable and promising cryptocurrencies

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    Proven Track Record: The Fund has shown 459,35% growth in 2017.

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    No Minimum Investment: Unlike typical investments in hedge fund which require large capital contributions, a Token may be purchased with as little as $1.

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    No Fees: Fund does not charge any fees and other additional payments for investing in additional tokens, as well as buying and selling existing tokens on open markets.

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    Bonus program: Each investor can invite any number of new investors and receive bonus.

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    Charity program: We give 1% of our profit to charity accounts.


The Executive Team at IGF Fund and its outside advisors have over 50 years of combined financial services industry experience


Andrey Sorokin
CEO and founder, Fund’s manager

Trader with more then 10 years overall experience. Has a proven track record of profitable trading on stock market and CFD. Expert in blockchain technologies. Has more then a 3 years of successful trading on cryptocurrency markets. Co-founder of ADVTech Group.


Ihnatenko Mykhailo
Project manager, CMO

Has more then 14 years of successful development and implementation of fintech products. Expert in marketing, communications and project management. Co-founder at cryptoloans project Skarbcoin.


Kate Sorokina
Fund Administrator


Vasiliy Gavrilovich
VP for software development

5+ years in business promotion, IT and web development. Extensive experience in launching FinTech-projects and business process management, start-ups developments.


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